Congratulation’s to Swanson’s Swansong


Hello managers,

many apologies for the delay, but three kids and an unbelievably busy work schedule have really hampered me updating the site as regularly since the new year.

I’m only updating this today as I am sat in work as an engineer fixes our UPS! Great bank holiday for me.

Paul Chadwick’s Swanson’s Swansong are the deserved champions of Fantasy Football VI.  Occupying the number one spot for 26 of the 38 weeks of the season cannot be quibbled with so massive congratulations to Paul.

As i was so busy with work, I was unable to organise this years Fantasy Cup, so the prize money set aside for that has now been moved into the main prize fund, and I will now payout to fourth place.  Manager of the Month winners will each claim five pounds and they are

Month 1 Aspas and Move

Month 2 Swanson’s Swansong

Month 3 Flash in the Pan

Month 4 Deaf Offenders

Month 5 Flash in the Pan

Month 6 Flash in the Pan

Month 7 Aspas and Move

Month 8 Flash in the Pan

Month 9 Deaf Offenders

Month 10 Swanson’s Swansong

Prize Payout

Swanson’s Swansong will receive £70 for winning the league and £5 for one Manager of the Month award

Flash in the Pan will receive £50 for second place and £20 for four Manager of the Month awards

Aspas and Move will receive £30 for third place and £10 for two Manager of the Month awards

Deaf Offenders will receive £20 for finishing fourth and £10 for two Manager of the Month awards

Team Skin will receive £5 for one Manager of the Month Award

I have still not been paid the league fee’s by some manager’s so if you could get that to me as soon as possible then I can pay out the winners, there are two managers who according to my records still owe me for last season.  I will contact you guys separately.

If you can to pay me via bank transfer then let me know and I can send you my details, equally if you want your prize money via bank transfer that is fine as well.

thanks, Mr Admin


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