Player Auction – 01/10/13

The following players have had interest registered in them and are therefore up for auction tonight:-

GK Howard Everton 5.5
DF Kolarov Man City 5.3
DF Sagna Arsenal 5.5
DF David Luiz Chelsea 6.1
MF Townsend Tottenham 5.5

Bidding will close at 20:00.

To table a bid for a player you must go to the bidding page, select the player from the drop down list and make your bid. You can bid as many times as you want as only the last bid you cast for the player will be counted.

Bids must be in blocks of 100k and the player will have a minimum reserve that will be his transfer list value.


1 thought on “Player Auction – 01/10/13”

  1. First of all apologies to managers who bid for Kolarov, as he was added to the bidding list in error as he is currently owned by the Next Big Thing. Howard, Sagna and Townsend are transferred Flash in the Pan. David Luiz is transferred to Swanson’s Swansong.

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