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Gameweek4 Video Highlights


Where possible I will try to post links to highlights of the gameweek, enjoy.

Review Shows

Saturday Highlights @ NBC | 8:14

Match of the Day – Sep 14 @ Google Drive, 720p

Match of the Day 2 – Sep 15 @ Google Drive, 720p

Match Highlights

Saturday, September 14 Highlights MOTD
Man United vs Crystal Palace NBC Google Video
Hull City vs Cardiff City NBC Google Video
Stoke City vs Man City NBC Google Video
Sunderland vs Arsenal NBC Google Video
Tottenham vs Norwich NBC Google Video
Fulham vs West Brom NBC Google Video
Aston Villa vs Newcastle NBC Google Video
Everton vs Chelsea NBC Google Video
Sunday, September 15
Southampton vs West Ham NBC Google Video
Monday, September 16
Swansea City vs Liverpool


  • NBC videos are region locked to the U.S. but can be viewed via Hola Unblocker. Provided here due to high quality.
  • Alternate links provided in best quality possible in English, preferably MOTD coverage. Please report broken links.
  • Adblock must be disabled in some browsers for NBC videos to play.
  • Additional highlights will be updated as they are available.

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