More Bids for Thursday Night

Andy Carrol

Another 13 bids have been registered for tonight, it is far easier for me to let you know about this in the one aticle than in another 13 articles which will take me some time to put together, I will probably change to one article per night of bidding as this will let me update the site far more quickly.

The players that have been added to tonight’s bidding are:-

ST Bent Fulham 6.5
ST Carroll A West Ham 7.5
DF Kaboul Tottenham 5
MF Cole J West Ham 5.5
MF Barkley Everton 4.5
MF Valencia Man Utd 7.5
MF Puncheon Southampton 5.5
MF Noble West Ham 5.5
MF Brunt West Brom 5.5
DF Luna Aston Villa 4.5
DF Jones P Man Utd 6
DF Hangeland Fulham 5
DF Shaw Southampton 4.5

To table a bid for these players you must go to the bidding page, select the player from the drop down list and make your bid. You can bid as many times as you want as only the last bid you cast for the player will be counted.

Bids must be in blocks of 100k and the player will have a minimum reserve that will be his transfer list value.


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