We’re back

The Daily Mail updated their Fantasy Football site this morning with the new teams and players, its not completely up to date yet (no Fabio Borini at Liverpool for example).  But in the mean time I can start to build up the spreadsheet which runs the league, I have also updated the scoring and rules pages.

Invitations will be sent out shortly to all of last seasons managers, once I have the transfer list ready I will send it to everyone in Excel format so you can peruse at your leisure.  Once the transfer list has been sent out it will not be getting updated until everyone has their full compliment of 11 players.  I will then update the list and normal transfers can start.

Like last season the Daily Mail’s Fantasy Football combines scores from the Premier League and the FA Cup.

Whats New This Season

For the first round of bids, we will not be having the mad scramble of commenting on posts that we normally have used. This has proved quite problematic in trying to get everyone available at the same time and there has also been technical drawbacks such as the “you are posting too fast” issue. We will be using the blind bidding system for all transfers, it will give everyone the opportunity to bid when they get time and allow for more flexibility.

The main difference is that this season you will be able to select a Captain for a gameweek, your Captain will score double the points, so choose wisely.

In order to make the Captain calculation easier to manage, transfers will now only take place in between gameweeks.  For example if a gameweek starts on Saturday and finishes on Monday night, transfers can only take place from Tuesday.

We will also be having a cup competition this season. For the cup competition, teams will be randomly drawn out of a (metaphorical) hat and whoever scores the highest amount of points for that gameweek proceeds to the next round.  The cup competition will start at approximately the fifth round of the FA Cup, but I will only pick a gameweek which takes its points solely from Premier League games to ensure we have a level playing field.


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