Fantasy Football League IV

Anyone fancy a side game after Christmas?

Hello managers,

I have been thinking about running a side game after Christmas, namely Premier League score predictions.

It would be £1 a week with the winnings being paid out at the end of the season, the winnings would be paid out amongst the top 3 players.

You would score 3 points for the correct score, and one point if you get the correct result but not score. I.e. if you predict a 2-0 win, but its a 1-0 win, you get 1 point.

Also to keep up interest throughout the season, if you predict the correct 10 scores for a gameweek, you win half the prize pot as it currently stands.

So if we get to Gameweek37, and you are coming dead last, but you get all 10 results, you would win £85 as the prize pot would currently be standing at £170.

The first gameweek in January is Gameweek20, which leaves 18 gameweeks to the end of the season. If all 10 managers want to play that would give us a prize pot of £180.

How would it work?

Each week I will email you a spreadsheet with that weeks fixtures, you fill it in and send it back to me. I will use the fantasy site to post the current standings and the size of the prize pot etc.

Let me know if you are interested.

Mr Admin


7 thoughts on “Anyone fancy a side game after Christmas?”

  1. Aye,

    Count me in. I would be amazed if anyone nailed 10 perfect results out of 10 though. Can’t even guess the winner of some games these days let alone the correct score!!!

    In for a penny though……

    1. It’s been sat here waiting for you dude, but I can move some money around and put it into the predictions game if you want?

  2. Yeah, do some money laudering on my behalf. Perhaps display Lawro’s predictions from BBC Sport to see if we can beat the blurt.

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