Fantasy Football League IV

Interest in Andrew Johnson

Interest has been registered in the Fulham Striker Andrew Johnson, bidding starts at £6.8m.

Bidding for this player will close at 20:00 GMT on Tuesday.

To table a bid for this player you must go to the bidding page, select the player from the drop down list and make your bid. You can bid as many times as you want as only the last bid you cast for the player will be counted.

Bids must be in blocks of 100k and the player will have a minimum reserve that will be his transfer list value.


5 thoughts on “Interest in Andrew Johnson”

  1. affraid not he got 5 goals in 2 games also Jol has had a massive fall out with Zamora, it was Jol that sold Zamora at Spurs as well if i recall. Cant see Zamora starting many, AJ needs to play well to get a contract renewell

  2. 13 goals in 71 games. This dudes on fire! I think he’ll finish the season on his current goal count fnar fnar

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