Fantasy Football League IV

New Section on Site

Hello managers, I have added a new section to the site called Injuries & Bans which should be viewable at the top of the main page. You should hopefully find it more useful than the links that were previously on the right hand side of the site.

I hopefully going to be able to add more statistical information in the next few weeks which should aid you in picking your players and making transfers.

Mr Admin.


19 thoughts on “New Section on Site”

  1. What if people can’t fufil their squads as they haven’t got enough cash left to complete their squad?? Do they have to sell players and it goes back to a blind bidding system?

    1. Hopefully would be unlikely that that would happen. I’ll have to think about what to do if it did happen

  2. Just concentrate on your own team El Tel. Harry Redknapp isn’t the only manager that can do some cheeky deals with no money. I’m wondering who do you want to buy from my team…..

  3. lol i would have had cole or torres but unfortunately i have my full complement of Chelsea players in Terry, Malouda and Anelka. hope u not a tax evader like ‘Arry!! lol

  4. surely the last player they bought has to go back or its unfair, or you could bid for players you couldnt afford and then decide which to give back. the only fair way is to take the last player off them that meant they couldnt afford a team.

    bah humbug !

  5. Official statement released by the club: EFV does not need to sell to buy and will retain it’s big name players (injured or not).

    So, lets all just chill out!!!

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