Fantasy Football League IV

Interest in Vaughan

Interest has been registered in the Sunderland Midfielder David Vaughan, bidding starts at £4.4m.

Bidding for this player will close at 20:40 GMT on Friday.

Bids at this stage are for managers that have yet to fill their starting XI and you cannot sell players yet. If you have your full compliment of players then you are not entitled to bid for this player. Normal player buying and selling will start after the start of the season, or when everyone has a full starting XI.

To table bids for the player submit a comment to this article informing the league of your bid, your team name and the player you wish to sell.

Bids must be in blocks of 100K, you can bid higher than the next 100k increment. E.g. Player 1 bids 6.3, but Player 2 then counters with a 6.9 bid to ensure he scares off other managers.


7 thoughts on “Interest in Vaughan”

  1. No one got him, he returns to the transfer list. I really don’t know who has put the bid in. Its up to the individual to remember who they need to bid for.

  2. Weird rule. Only really benefits last minute bidders who want anonymity to the end of bidding. It wasn’t me that bid btw.

    1. It’s actually meant to benefit the person who initially wants him. They aren’t at a disadvantage with everyone else knowing who they are and subsequently how much they can bid

  3. shit, it was me, i forgot 2 bid, i was thinking it was like last year and my interest was effectively a bid at asking price. Poo. Must remember to actually bid next time!

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