Fantasy Football League IV

Bidding War for Hernandez

Team Skin cast the first bid for Manchester United Striker Javier Hernandez at £9.4m.

Other Managers have also bid for this player as part of their initial team selection which means a bidding war has now started.

Bidding for this player will close at 22:10 GMT on Wednesday.

To table bids for the player submit a comment to this article informing the league of your bid and your team name. All other managers are entitled to submit a bid for this player.

Bids must be in blocks of 100K, you can bid higher than the next 100k increment. E.g. Player 1 bids 6.3, but Player 2 then counters with a 6.9 bid to ensure he scares off other managers.


15 thoughts on “Bidding War for Hernandez”

  1. For another rounds of bids, do we have to just register an interest? Do we just get the player if nobody else wants him ore does it have to go public?

  2. Err I did answer. You register the bid and it goes public, the rules havent really changed over this as we pretty much did this last season.

    If no one knew who registered an interest and you just got him, i’m at an advantage and could fill my team with the best of whats left without cracking on

  3. If no one else wants the player then I could just pick all the best players that are left. What you want puts me at an advantage

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