Fantasy Football League IV

All In!

Hello Managers,

All teams have now been registered and the team pages are now available for viewing, so you can now check out who you have got and who is going to a bidding war.

I’ll be putting the bidding wars on as soon as I can.

Prize Fund

This year there will be a prize fund, as there are 10 people playing this year the prize fund stands at £100. The winner of Fantasy Football League IV will receive £50, there are no prizes for second place! The other part of the fund will be for the Manager of the Month awards.  For winning Manager of the Month you will receive a £5 prize. Hopefully the Manager of the Month award should keep people interested throughout the season.

Changing Formation During the Bidding Wars

If during the course of the bidding wars you opt to change formation to get a player, thats fine, you do not have to stick to the formation you initially submitted you just have to stick to one of the approved formations as set out on the rules page.

Signing a Player Who Then Transfers to Another Premier League Club

If you sign a player who moves between clubs you will have to be aware of whether that player takes you over your limit of players from one premier league team. In the event of this happening you have one game week to transfer one of those players out. It doesnt have to be the one that has just moved, but you have to get back to having three players.

For example, you have three Chelsea players and Luka Modric. The season gets under way and Modric then transfers from Spurs to Chelsea. You are now over quota as you will have four Chelsea players. You now have one game week to get rid of one of those Chelsea players, it doesn’t have to be Modric.

Mr Admin


12 thoughts on “All In!”

  1. Yes Ste, I will be busy Wednesday night…. unfortunately I will be busy coaching my youngest’s football team! I’m screwed again!

  2. I-Phone? Blackberry? Doubt those youngsters will be getting a look in with you logging on and telling them to shut up whilst you get bids in!

  3. Myself, Alan and Lynne will be busy on wednesday, you can be sure of that. Good luck to yourself, Brian Blessed and Peter Duncan in getting a team together!

    1. Certainly not, I need it to visualise the New Year’s Barn Dance she is hosting at Yeovil Aerodrome which will not, repeat not, turn into an all night rave.

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