Fantasy Football League IV

Welcome to Fantasy Football League IV

Hello managers,

Its that time of the year again, the Premier League starts on the 13th of August which means its Fantasy Football time.

Whats New?

  • This year we are back to using the Daily Mail’s Fantasy Football League, so please check the scoring page to see what points players can score.  The main differences are players that play in team that wins, pick up an extra three points, this means holding midfielder’s for the likes of Chelsea or Manchester United have more value.  The other difference is that defenders get 10 points for a goal, midfielder’s eight and strikers five
  • There are more interesting football related Twitter feeds down the right hand side of the site
  • The new blind bidding system should make it easier and fairer for casting your votes
  • You can only have three players from any one Premier League team
  • It will cost £10 to play this year
  • There is an extra formation available, 5-3-2
  • Accessing information from the site should be easier this year for mobile devices (Android, iPhone, iPad etc)
  • Depending on feedback, when you sign a player you can only sell him after one game week has passed

The Transfer List is now available to viewing or downloading so be sure to check it out.

If you could let me know your availability for the first round of bidding wars, I will need as many people available as possible.  The first round and subsequent rounds leading up to the start of the season will be conducted in the traditional bidding war method, once the season is underway the blind bidding process will start.

The first date I am potentially looking at for the first round of bidding wars is Wednesday 27th of July.  This is not set in stone and is subject to change.

You can now register your team and submit your preferred starting XI. Like previous seasons, if you ask for a player no one else has asked for in their desired starting XI, he is yours and not subject to a bidding war.  Ideally I would like everyone who wishes to play to have registered by Sunday the 24th of July.  After the 24th of July, the Transfer List will be locked so no more players will be added until after the season is underway.

Good luck!

Mr Admin


11 thoughts on “Welcome to Fantasy Football League IV”

  1. Sort of happy with new rules, however for submitting a team could I bid for say 4 or 5 Chelsea players knowing that other people will want them and may only end up with 1 or 2 of them?? And if I win all of the players the next highest bidder would get the ones I didn’t want as much??

  2. Didn’t get a response so took it as a no when do u want the money this weekend ok before I go down and watch mighty Chelsea beat Portsmouth?

  3. Always out those nights and while I know we’d be blind bidding I’d still prefer to be in to see what was happening

    1. We are not blind bidding until the season is under way. The idea is we will use the free for all method before the season starts. The issue I am hitting is availability of as many people as possible to be online at the same time.

  4. Oh right that’s where I’ve misunderstood-i thought we were making blind bids from the off -otherwise we still had the same problems on that first night too. My mistake! Any reason why we can’t do it on the first night? With the gap between closing times for players people would still be able to submit their blind bid if they didn’t get their previous target. Still can’t do a wed though.

    1. Hi Chris, at the moment Wednesday is looking the only viable day, on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday there are too many people unavailable and on Wednesday is only yourself 😦 I can help out with your bidding if that will help? Would you entrust Mrs Lee with it?

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