Fantasy Football League IV

Any Other Changes??


Hello managers,

As we seem to have settled on the blind bidding system, does anyone have any ideas about things they would like to see in the Fantasy Football League?  Some ideas that have been suggested are:-

  • A limit on transfers?
  • You have to keep a player until he has featured in one premier league game (unless he’s injured)
  • Throwing some money in to make a prize pot

With regards to the prize pot, if we did do that then it could open up some things we could do.  For example I know of sites where I can get access to Opta stats and other potentially useful information (for a charge), also if the Fantasy League I want to us as a source requires a charge to play, the prize pot could cover that.

Let me know what you think.


16 thoughts on “Any Other Changes??”

  1. I think a prize pot would be good and keep everyone interested. I lost interest last season-if there was something riding on it I think I’d have kept trying.
    What about a limit on players from one side? Forces us to be creative and not just sign players from the top team?
    Also some leagues give more points to midfielders and then defenders than strikers.again makes selections more tactical instead of just going for clean sheet defenders.
    Just a few ideas-happy for them to be agreed with or shot down if people disagree

  2. My two pence worth:

    Prize pot sounds good, also like the idea of limiting the number of players from each team. I also think that one game week should pass before a player is allowed to be sold after purchase date

  3. Im up for the prize pot… And i’m up for limiting the number of players from each team to three or something like that! Dunno how Terry will cope though!

  4. up for all your suggestions plus another,

    As we are all now successful premier league managers and we will have closed bids to bid for players, I think it is wrong that we are dictated to on a players transfer value (ie opening bid). I would suggest if a player is in the transfer pool he is thus unemployed, therefore if someone has an interest and the other managers are aware that there will be an auction with a close date then he can bid whatever he likes eg 100k its a fair playing field for everyone.

    Could open up a new strategy and some interesting tactics. you could maybe have a minimum value for all players eg 2 million but this would create more interesting possibilities half way through a season for those who feel locked to their players.

    not up for a limit on the amount of players you can have from one team as I think poor Tel may need counselling and who cares how many you have just another rule that makes things harder for us and mr admin ? however not all that bothered.

  5. Money in the pot yes.
    No to the one game week. Reason: If i buy Gerrard on Monday, he does his groin on Tuesday I should be allowed to let him go on Wednesday. Sometimes it is a necessity to get rid of some joker you’ve just bought

    Also, a virtual swear jar could add to the pot…. if that fella skunk turns up again!

    1. Yeah agree about making exceptions for injury’s, But still think that we should have to keep a player for one match\week if he’s not injured.

      Not sure about changing the minimum value though

  6. Can’t see the first 2 suggestions adding any value to what is already a successful format. Prize pot is a good idea, especially if it will cover any admin costs and/or enable new features to be added to make it more interesting.

  7. Omg I said at start of last season to put a pot on I recommended a fiver/ tenner with champion taking 70% runner up 10% player of season 10% and best manager of the month score 10% or something similar just think I would be loaded now!!! When can we start submitting teams in?? Also could we agree on a deadline time for bidding war as I have to travel back from Glasgow. Also last season I suggested a social drink maybe we should meet somewhere soon for a drink that way I can put a face to a name especially as I have moved to Liverpool now for my sins sorry JT, Super Frank and Fernando!!

  8. Not liking the limit from one team btw!! Anyway only had two/three Chelsea players last season as rest got bought up!! Not that we were any good last year!! How about we select a captain from each team who could score double points eg say I had Torres instead of 5 points for a goal he got ten. However if he got booked instead of losing 3 points he lost 6??? Maybe we could pick some subs that way if a player is injured at last minute and you don’t have time to replace through an auction your sub would automatically step in giving u a full compliment of players??

    1. The sub thing would be quite a nightmare for me to manage. I gave toyed with the captain idea but struggled to get it working, I’ll have another go and see what I can do

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