Fantasy Football League IV

Blind Bidding Seems to be a Goer

Hello managers,

The idea of Blind Bidding in the previous article seems to have been well received by everyone, so I have prepared some sample pages of how it will work.

  1. You check out the available players on the Register an Interest in a Player page. You then select the player you are interested in and click Submit, I get an email which just has the players name on, there is no identifiable information so I don’t know who wants the player
  2. I then create an similar article to what we had last season which tells you how to bid
  3. You then go to the Bidding Form.  A drop down list will be there for all the players who currently have interest registered in them. You input your name, select the player and cast your bid. The bid is logged in a separate spreadsheet and I’ll only open it after the bids have closed (all bids will now close at 19:00, no point staggering them)
  4. At the end of the day (or week depending on my time) I will publish the results of the bidding so its all above board

Let me know what you think.


5 thoughts on “Blind Bidding Seems to be a Goer”

  1. When would you declare the player you are dropping?

    If i had 2 players on the go and someone else had 2. If i declared an interest in all 4 then potentially i could average out the sales if all the bidding ends at the same time

    e.g. If i wanted to buy Suarez 8m & N’Zogbia 6m i would need 14m. If i dropped Defoe 7m & Downing 7m then this would raise funds but would involve me changing formation and bidding for a player i can’t afford unless the second sale went through.

    When the bidding was staggered you knew how much you had left. If you don’t know how much the player went for you don’t know how much you have left. You also can’t plan ahead as you wouldn’t know who was dropped until it was updated.

    I do think it’s a decent idea but could be open to bitching.

  2. I will add a field on to the bidding form where you say which player you are dropping.

    I see your point about raising funds to get certain players that may be up for auction with other players, but without paying for a site where we could have an actual auction (there are wordpress plugins on paid for hosts that let you do it) I haven’t found a way to do proper auctions and stagger them.

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