Fantasy Football League IV

Fantasy Football IV??

Hello managers, I know the season may have only just finished but I am already getting withdrawal symptoms from the world of football.

With that in mind I was wondering if anyone wanted to do this again next season?

Comment on this article if you are interested and also if you have any ideas on how to make improvements.

The bone of contention has always been transfers, it became apparent that the person casting the first bid was always at a disadvantage as the later bidders could guess at how much they could spend and the first player would have no time to react. One idea I had for next season is that instead of bidding for a player you simply register an interest in a player. That would appear on the site saying that someone (I wouldn’t know who bid) wants a player, it closes tonight at 8pm etc. That way the later bidders wouldn’t know who the first bidder was so they wouldn’t know what to do to gazump them.

Another idea would be that you bid for a player (and only I would know who had bid) and I simply post that a bid has been lodged for a player, obviously that outs me at an advantage, but my final places in the past three competitions pretty much demonstrate that I don’t take advantage (maybe that means I’m rubbish at this 😦 )

So I’d be interested in your feedback about what we can do to make it better for next season.


8 thoughts on “Fantasy Football IV??”

  1. Defo up for it again next season. Is the first suggestion you mention a blind bidding process? If so, I think that is a good idea. Managers would put their top line bid through the site but not visible to other managers and the highest gets the player. Other managers would only know that interest has been noted in a player rather than how much has been bid. It would be up to managers to budget to see how much they could stretch to rather than pinching players with last second swoops.

  2. If that was the way we did it, then yes it would be blind bidding. I could use a form where you would register the amount you are prepared to bid i.e. you only bid once, no one would see that until the bid closes.

  3. I am in for next season. I also think a blind bidding process would be a good innovation…… ideally it would replicate EBay, where you bid but also state your maximum bid, but if that’s too complex, then a single bid per bidder would eliminate the need to ‘beat the clock’ in order to win a player bidding war.

  4. I’d agree with a scottish closed bid’s system. you put a bid in for a player to the nearest 100k, once the deadline has passed i think we all get to see all the bids as it would be interesting and you could try to work out how others strategise etc. The same true for the opening day bids, where Vicki your beloved seems to do really well, and you always come in with a smile on your face the next day 😉 er just kidding in case Mrs admin reads this.

  5. Blind bidding is definitely the way forward for fairness. I exploited the old way as much as anyone but it wasn’t a fair system, especially if you couldn’t be there to bid. This way you can put your bid in earlier in the day and wait for the result

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